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Hello! We are Vlada and Arina, we are glad to see you in our world! Here's a little about us:We dream of a trip to Japan, as well as visiting Korea, China and Israel. To study these countries and their culture is our common dream.They were engaged in athletics. It helped us develop stamina and fortitude.My strong feature is a smile that charms and lifts the spirits of others.We like to spend time with friends, go for walks and watch anime in the evenings. We enjoy good music, dancing and anime.I would like to change the attitude of people towards each other so that they are kinder. I would change stubbornness in myself, although sometimes it helps to achieve the goal.If I had a superpower, I would want to read other people's minds.My highlight is kindness, which can sometimes be both a minus and a plus.My perfect day starts with not getting up early. I eat deliciously and a lot, I go out with friends, and in the evening I watch cool anime.I would drink a can of beer in the morning, but I usually start the day with tea.I like my character and the fact that I am not afraid of people's judgment. I often do things that cause a reaction of "my God, that's stupid", but it's not boring with her.I would like to learn to play the piano.I am a positive person with a sense of humor. I like companies, music, dancing and anime. Kind, attentive and stubborn. I love dogs, I have a Doberman. I love nature and sometimes being alone.

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