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Why am I here? I could answer in many different wonderful ways like to crush your will and make you squeal but truth be told what I want is to make you pledge your soul to Me as I guide you on the path of Fetish.My expectations are different for every submissive that comes to Me, but nothing compares with the pleasure of making you discover new ways to indulge your hidden desires.I know I sound smug, and I actually am, but after all these years of being in the BDSM scene (real and online) nothing really shocks or amazes Me, so take it as a fair warning that I don't like my time to be wasted. One that interacts with me will soon find out that My area of expertise is vast and I do enjoy testing one's capacity of transcending to another level when it comes to kinks or fetishes. If you don't know, I will teach you, if you can't do it I will guide you so you can make it happen, but if your are a stubborn (slutty, and we both know that you are really slutty) boy I will discipline you into obedience. This is a PS: Tho, I find that each and every fetish and kink has a certain beauty, I personally don't enjoy black mail sessions, therefore I refuse having them. In the same category falls TV or any remote control of another pc. Also, just to save time, especially MINE'S, don't ask Me if I switch or do nude "shows"; and since I've put this on My profile, anyone that asks Me this, will be banned instantly. Kiss-kiss, spank-spank ;)

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Jacquie and Michel offer you QueenOfHaze on live webcam. QueenOfHaze is a sexy woman who offers a live show on Jacquie and Michel Vision to allow you to have a lot of fun live. QueenOfHaze is 35 years old and has been sharing her intimate pleasure for several years online when she is behind her private webcam. The best way to discover QueenOfHaze's intimate fantasies is to have a free Jacquie and Michel chat with her. QueenOfHaze is very frequently connected on webcam to Jacquie and Michel for sex videos

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